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Abacus Classes

It has been proved that abacus calculation techniques are one of the fastest ways of doing calculations especially when it comes to large numbers. Children love to play, we encourage them to do so. Our Self pace animated and interactive simple abacus study tutorial helps children learn while playing. Make your kid a “math-genius” in just 3 to 6 months’ time. This is a method of calculation, performed on a visualized abacus in the mind.
on the abacus involves registering the numbers on the beads in the straight-forward left-to-right sequence they are written down in. As long as the digits are placed correctly, and the carry's noted properly, the answer to the operation immediately presents itself right on the abacus.
Subtraction is performed by first registering the minuend and then subtracting, starting from the left, by removing beads from either or both the lower or upper decks. The final bead-positions represent the answer.
on abacus is done in the similar way we do it with paper and pencil. For doing this calculation on abacus, one should be familiar with the multiplication tables up to 9. Here in our tutorial, we cover abacus multiplication in detail. The complete steps are animated and illustrated in detail with audio guidance. This tutorial covers multiplication of up to 3digit x 3 digit numbers. Using our animated simple to understand examples, anyone can easily master the multiplication method on abacus.
on abacus is the digits in a divisor are less than (or equal to) the corresponding digits of the dividend, begin by replacing the quotient two rods to the left of the dividend.where the digits in the divisor are greater than the corresponding digits of the dividend, begin by placing the first number in the quotient next to the dividend.

Course Duration Age LevelAdvance
*Toddlers 3 months 3 to 5 Can join over
*movers 12 months 5 to 8 42(Advance)
*Flyers 12 months 9 to 12 42(grand)

Abacus & Calculator

Abacus Calculator
1) The child inputs the data, processes the data & the child takes out the output. 1) The child inputs the data, the calculator process the data and displays the output.
2) Numbers take the forms of beads, so the child finds it easy to compute using Abacus. 2) The child presses the button & obtains the answer but the computation is done by the calculator.
3) Child processes the information & hence knows how to obtain the answer. 3) Calculator processes the information so, child does not know how the answer is obtained.
4) When the abacus is removed after some time, the child would have acquired the abacus knowledge to compute mentally by visualizing Abacus. 4) When calculator is removed after sometime, the child cannot compute without calculator is totally at loss.
5) Abacus increases self confidence. 5) It increases device / gadget dependency.
6) The child acquires skills. 6) No skills are achieved.
7) The whole brain development is achieved due to interaction of Right & Left hemisphere of brain. 7) Only brain utilization takes place.
8) Child becomes a winner. 8) Nothing is achieved.

Abacus - Brain

The abacus, a traditional physical calculation device, is still widely used in Asian countries. Previous behavioral work has shown that skilled abacus users perform rapid and precise mental arithmetic by manipulating a mental representation of an abacus, which is based on visual imagery. However, its neurophysiological basis remains unclear. Here, we report the case of a patient who was a good abacus user, but transiently lost her "mental abacus" and superior arithmetic performance after a stroke owing to a right hemispheric lesion including the dorsal premotor cortex (PMd) and inferior parietal lobule (IPL). Functional magnetic resonance imaging experiments were conducted 6 and 13 months after her stroke. In the mental calculation task, her brain activity was shifted from the language-related areas, including Broca's area and the left dorsolateral prefrontal and IPLs, to the visuospatial-related brain areas including the left superior parietal lobule (SPL), according to the recovery of her arithmetic abilities. In the digit memory task, activities in the bilateral SPL, and right visual association cortex were also observed after recovery...


1)Photographic Memory
Abacus helps in enhancing photographic memory. The concept of thinking in pictures & images helps child to perform better not in just mental calculations but other academic subjects & fields. Helps in better visualization & memorization
2) Concentration
Abacus program helps in better concentration as it involves interaction of both left & right hemisphere of brain where SKCIPL teaching methodology sharpens the attentiveness in a child help him/her concentrate better.
Every page of calculations or the activity given is time bounded, where speed & time utilized is checked, which results a child to calculate faster than calculator.
Constant practice & proper use of Abacus techniques helps a child to be accurate & perfect in every calculation and work assigned.
5) Listening Skill
Special Abacus activities are taken to improve listening skill of a child, which helps the child to be a better listener & make fewer mistakes during dictations.
6) Creativity
Abacus method aims at Right hemisphere of the brain development which leads to better creativity, emerge with new ideas, new things and new ways, solutions or alternatives in the children.
7) Comprehension
The use Abacus method and its related activities helps the child to enhance their understanding & grasping power.
8) Imagination & visualization
Due to improved photo graphic memory, it helps the child to imagine & visualize the abacus after certain period of time & they are taught to calculate or work with an imaginary Abacus. The constant practice of this activity helps the child sharpen his/her imagination & visualization skill.
9) Self Confidence
With all the enhanced skills the child certainly feels better & more confident about him/her self and can confidently complete any task assigned.

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